Our History | Darby Dan Farm

Our History​

Darby Dan Farm, Ohio is owned and operated by the Galbreath Family and though it’s just 10 miles west of Columbus, it gives the feel of an old, peaceful country estate and has been in the family for over 85 years.

Founded by John Galbreath, the grandfather of our current owner, John W Galbreath II, the farm was named after John Galbreath’s Son, Dan, and the Darby Creek that runs through the property.

Darby Dan Farm was purchased in 1935 and was originally only 110 acres. Today, the farm is over 1,200 acres and is still an active farm. We currently grow sod, soy beans, corn and have spotted fallows and bison on the property.

Galbreath’s HORSE RACING legacy:

  • Won Kentucky Derby twice, 1963 with Chateaugay and 1967 with Proud Truth
  • Won Preakness Stakes once, Belmont Stakes twice

  • Won the Breeder’s Cup Classic

  • Won the English Derby

  • Won the Eclipse Award for Outstanding Breeder, 1974

Galbreath’s BASEBALL legacy:

John W. Galbreath was also the owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Team from 1946 – 1985. He is the only man in the world to win both a World Series Championship and a Kentucky Derby.

John Galbreath baseball accolades:

  • Won the World Series three times, 1960, 1971 and 1979

  • The only man in history to win both the Kentucky Derby two times and World Series three times

Galbreath family accolades:

  • Have won the World Series four times – Pittsburgh Pirates 1960, 1971 and 1979, Washington Nationals 2019
  • The only family to have won the Word Series with two different baseball teams

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